Our Story

Leaf Trail was found with a motivation to inspire a lifestyle surrounded by insightful designs with a tranquil touch. We aim to help you represent the thoughts and ideas you resonate with.

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Beauty in everything

For those with a keen eye

What does one think when they look at a blank canvas? What is the first thing that comes to your mind as you begin to pen your thoughts?

A plain t-shirt, casual as it may be, has the potential to be your message to the world. A place you can portray your ideas with pride and confidence. A blank canvas of your grace.

Our Designs

Simple yet intriguing, peaceful yet exciting

We design our products to deliver the most comfort, to the ones who wear it as well as to the ones who see it. A vibrant range of colors for every mood, from zestful and spirited to gentle and heartwarming.

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We love nature

From our farms, to our manufacturing and packaging.

As nature enthusiasts and lovers, we all share an experience of self realization and a feeling of upliftment when we are closer to our ecosystem. With that in mind, we are developing products made of organic materials involving ethical practices. The future is bright and full of amazing things!